my everthing….

i know even though he not as perfect as i thought he suppose to be….but he complete me….
and i love him just the way he is…to tell the truth there are few times i do feel a little bit regret about having to marry early..well i m just 22..there are so many things that i want to do with my life if i were still single. its not because of marrying him makes its all impossible…

it just there are few restriction to it… …hmmm there are few times when i do cried in the middle of the nite….there are times i do feel frustrated when things doesnt go my way….
when abang being so “difficult”….there are times i really feel lonely when all the thing he did just playing his computer, do reasearh everytime he can be……. but of all the time….i did miss him when everytime he goes to works…when he go far from me….i just love when he hug me tight…all the good nite kisses…holding me tight if i feel down or sad…he just always be there for me…. he is a good husband…a great friend…a dream lover…he is everything to me….

i feel sad when he not arrond, i need him…we need him….
and i always miss him when i saw my kids eyes…ohh that are so difficult there are so down…
what should i do now? what should i tell my ielham when he start to cry and he said where is daddy…where daddy…where daddy…

so i cant imagine if he left me alone he left me with our kids….but its still happen
just we don’t know when, how n where….what can i do is still n always pray we can happy forever after n my Allah please take me first….



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